TIFFEN 138mm Close Up Diopter Set ( +1/2, +1, +2, +3 )

Tiffen Close-up Lenses are the simplest and least expensive method of close-up photography. Have you ever wished that your lens could focus closer than it does? Imagine that you could put a magnifying glass in front of your camera's lens. With Tiffen Close-up lenses, you can dive into the world of macrophotography with a minimum of expense and with a maximum of confidence.

Shoot your stamps, flowers in your garden, your jewelry collection and many other items. If you're thinking of insuring your collectibles, why not have a means of doing it without having to hire an expensive pro? Close-up lenses not only give you creative freedom to help show you a world up close that you never imagined, but also serves as a functional and valuable tool to safeguard your possessions.

TIFFEN 138mm Close Up Diopter Set

  • Brand: TIFFEN
  • Product Code: 138mm Close Up Diopter Set
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