PLx2 extender

The PLx2 optical extender doubles the focal length of 35 mm

PL mount lenses. While most extenders can only physically fit on

a limited range of lenses, the design of the PLx2 allows it

to work with a wider array of PL mount lenses than any

other doubler.

The PLx2 features high-index, low-dispersion glass to ensure the

highest possibility resolution and contrast with minimal optical

degradation. In magnifying the image twofold,

the transmitted light is spread over a larger area, decreasing

the brightness by two f-stops. To create an optical design that

is optimized for modern lenses and digital cameras,

the maximum input T-Stop is 1.9.

The PLx2 is designed to mount to any digital cinema camera

with a native PL mount. It will also clear the spinning mirror on

any ARRI or Aaton 35 mm camera.

IBE Optics PLx2 optical extender

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