• ALADIN MK II - Wireless LCS - 8 Axis S3D

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Aladin Mark II main features:

- Control signals are transmitted as digital data packages in the 434 / 869 MHz band
safely and precisely with 18-bit resolution.
- Suitable for many motors with digital incremental encoders such as Heden M26VE,
Scorpio SB92, Preston DM2, Betz Tools BTM7.
- Unique - adjustable back-lash compensation - eliminates play!
- Controls in S3D mode 8 motors, synchronously two cameras’ Iris, focus and zoom,
automates the rig setting for angulation (convergence), IA (inter axial distance)
and communicates with Sony MPE 200.
- Controls digital Canon and Fujinon lens motors directly through the 2 auxiliary
ports, if required synchronously, too.
- USB port for meta data recording, software update and lens-, rig-data handling.
- 2 serial interfaces for PC interaction
- Controls the dimmers Aladin Light Source (AL-LS) and Colibri, the DMX
dimmer/receiver (FD-400E).
- Excellent safe transmission distance* inside through thick walls and outside with
metal structures, better performance than transmission in the GHz-range offers.
- ON/OFF or start/stop recording function integrated for all suitable cameras.
- With “Electronic Gear” for free selection of the translation between the hand wheel
movement and the reaction at the lens (spreading).
- Memory of last settings after switch off for quick resumption of operation.
- Wide supply-voltage range from 10 to 34 volts for the motor controller (receiver).
- Power is stabilized and adjustable in 5 steps. Powerful performance for the motors
also with low supply. The torque will be automatically adjusted during calibration.
- Modular design, each individual function can be combined into one transmitter
through simple assembly. Here, too, all the last individual settings are saved.
- Reverse direction of the motor rotation is adjustable on the hand-units
(transmitters) and on the receiver / motor controller.
- A LED column shows the position of the zoom.
- Lowest energy consumption of the hand-unit(s), a battery usually lasts for the
entire day of shooting.
- 16 channels selectable for the transmission by push of a button. RF Spectrum
analyzer to find the best channel for transmission and optical feedback that both
units work on the same one.
- Adjustable fluid damping for the focus hand wheel.
- Emergency feature: Transmission by connecting transmitter and receiver using a
standard video cable with BNC plugs.

ALADIN MK II - Wireless LCS - 8 Axis S3D

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